When Is It Time To Let Go?

Lately I have been doing some thinking about when it is time to let go of a situation or a person. We all have people in our lives that we would love to have around for as long as possible. What happens when keeping that person becomes toxic?


I think the obvious answer is when you start questioning that person’s position in your life, but emotions make it very hard to break away from something we have become attached to.

There are times where I look back on certain situations and question why I did not walk away when I had every chance to in certain situations. In a way, I’m glad I stuck around to learn a life lesson.

Was there ever a time you knew it was time to let something go, but felt like you needed to stick it out?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fairen says:

    I think for everyone it’s different. If this relationship hurts you or is more obviously uneven in terms of effort- those are all times to reevaluate.


    1. abetteryou5 says:

      I completely agree. It depends on the individual


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