Lesson’s Learned

In life we often got through situations where things seem to not be going right. We think that something is a certain way, then BOOM!! Everything changes. One thing that I learned throughout life so far is that you have to deal with life with the cards you were dealt, but don’t be afraid to pull from the deck; that next card may be the that motivation you need to make better choices in life, or for a better result, making choices that make you a better you.

I recently went through a situation where I was told some news that only effected me temporarily, but it caused me to look at someone who I held to a high standard very differently. I questioned their character and it was very disappointing since I have never had to question them about who I thought they were.

The situation did show me how much I have grown as a person. I learned something that I wanted to share just in case it could help someone else. A person will not tell the truth about a situation to protect themselves. People will always do what is best to look out for themselves. The only way to know if they actually care about how you will feel about the situation is if they have the opportunity to tell you the truth (which should be the first thing they say), they tell you the truth. They may care for your feelings but it will never compare to how much they care about what they think you will say that will hurt them more. If someone really cared as much as they say, they would not dictate how you will feel about a situation by pacifying what is the truth.

Do not allow someone to dictate how and what you will feel towards anything. You are entitled to feel however you want to feel.truth_medium.jpg

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