Too Nonchalant for Your Own Good?

I’m always told that my demeanor makes it seem like I do not care for anything. I’m very laidback and not the type to make a lot of noise over things, even if I am upset about what has happened.

What I run into a lot is that most of the time, people do not think I care about something. I need the world to understand that being nonchalant and not caring is not the same.

Being nonchalant is a state of being. It is not an emotion. The word nonchalant is derived from the French word, nonchaloir, which is derived from the latin word, 
noncalere. Noncalere means ‘not heated.’ The french word, nonchaloir, can mean indifference. 

Indifference is not the same as not caring. It just means there is not much interest. Having little interest in something does not mean a person does not care. It just means it is not as important to them to fully engage in this moment, but just remember; the nonchalant individual is still sharing that moment with you even if they have little interest. They care about the fact that it means something to the other person, but will not give too much energy into what they do not see as worth their time.

Don’t be hard on those who are nonchalant about things. They are trying. Trust me.

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