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It’s in the 60’s in Georgia today. It is a little cool compared to some of the days that came before this. I’m spending my Saturday studying, reading, and discussing business opportunities with friends. I’ve been thinking about life lately in the sense of priorities and goal setting. I was making a list of things I want to manifest into my life over the next few months to a year and started thinking about the importance of manifestation into your own life. Speaking things into existence, making small goals to reach those goals, surrounding yourself with the right energy to reach these goals, and keeping yourself on track. Networking is also another important tool. Removing any distractions, even if it is people who are close to you, is also very important. Something else I thought about that is equally as important is when we, ourselves, are the distractions. Counterproductive thoughts and procrastination can be detrimental to accomplishing anything.

What are you manifesting into your life that will benefit the goals you have for yourself? What are some things you can do to remove the distractions you have in getting closer to your goals?

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